Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment still has something of a poor reputation for most people, but these days it is very effective and can make all the difference between keeping or losing a tooth.

This treatment is necessary when the pulp of the tooth - the soft, inner bit which runs through the root - becomes infected, either through decay or injury. The infection can spread through the root canal system of the tooth, and can cause an abscess which is usually extremely painful. If left untreated, the infection can damage the bone around the tooth and the tooth may have to be extracted.

Root canal treatment can be quite lengthy. The area we are treating is very small and complex, and so the treatment requires a lot of skill and patience. At Stricklands, we have a dentist experienced in endodontic (root canal) treatment, with advanced skills and state of the art equipment to ensure the best possible results.

The treatment usually requires two or three appointments, and sometimes you will need a crown fitted afterwards to ensure the tooth remains strong enough.

For patients who are nervous about having this treatment carried out, we can offer hypnotherapy, reflexology and sedation.

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This page was last updated on the 21st of January 2014