Children's dentistry

At Stricklands in Haslemere, Surrey, we are strongly committed to providing a great service to our younger patients, showing them how best to care for their teeth so they can enjoy a confident smile for life.

Your children's teeth are just as susceptible to decay and other problems as adults' teeth and so we encourage them to get into good dental habits from an early age, with their very first teeth. Regular check-up examinations are a vital part of this - they enable us to keep a close eye on your childrens' teeth so we can spot any potential issues early on.This is the basis of true, primary prevention.

Our specialist paediatric dentist Christina Tatsi, has the skills, experience and patience to provide children of all ages with advanced restorative treatment. She can also treat children with special needs, or those with behavioural problems.

We also have an orthodontic specialist on our team, Dr James Grant. This means your child can have his or her teeth straightened without needing to be referred elsewhere.


This page was last updated on the 13th of May 2014